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A Program Designed For One Thing And One Thing Alone

Learning & Progress

PL is not a money making machine. We are guided by the heart, not the mind.

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Environment Matters

Malls, traffic noise, pollution, pubs, bars, restaurants and crowd - this is not the ideal environment for education. That is why we chose the peaceful neighbourhood of pine trees around Palampur to set-up our little institute and accompanying hostel.

Teaching Like None Other

Usually the first piece of furniture set up in an institute is the counselling desk or cabin. We don't even have one. The first room finalised at PL was the library.

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Prepare Not For Just An Exam, But Life

What can be better than face to face interaction with your teacher in which you talk openly and freely? Well, it's living with him, right next to his home, so your learning never stops. 

PL in Pictures


How much is the Program Fees? And can I get a discount? 

The Program fees, excluding hostel charges, is 99000 for the whole year. Unfortunately, we do not offer any discount for the residential program as of now. In case any discount is introduced in the future for students belonging to weaker economic background, the same will be updated on the website. 

What are the hostel charges?

The hostel fees (including charges for food, electricity, water and other basic utilities) is ₹16000/month for single occupancy rooms. 

What else should I know about Palampur?

Nothing much, to be honest. It's a small mountain town with all modern facilities and infrastructure that you can expect in a small city. You get all the necessary amenities in the town which you might need for a comfortable life as a student.

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