“I am going to follow the learning path of an ex ICSE topper or an IITian because someone uploaded his strategy video on their YouTube channel, even though I gave up on maths after 10th and haven’t read a single book in my whole adult life.”  

- The student who aimed for 99, required 90 and scored 60

99.xx but why?

The market is obsessed with 99 percentile, we are not.. 

It is astounding how the myriad institutes in the market have convinced students that anything below 99 is not a good score even though a vast majority of students can get into a b-school of their choice with a score far below that. 

Truth is that the institutes in the market have all prepared their 'curriculum' (sales strategy) around 99 percentilers, engineers or other students from maths background. They work on an industrial model of standardised teaching pedagogy where anybody who is not already at the desired level is left out by design.

We don't work with any predefined model. Each student has a different target, different starting point and thus, a different learning curve and we tweak and modify as we go forward. 

Why Us?

We are teachers, not service providers..

Perennial Learner has started out of passion for learning and knowledge, and respect for dreams, not out of market requirements. We all are first and foremost eager learners and then passionate teachers who love to spend time with students, understand them and talk to them.

We confess, we are bad at business, which is why we are an institute being run by people who didn't fit in the industry definition of an educator. But Educators we are. One of us quit a flourishing corporate career to become a teacher and the other one said no to IIM K because he loved mathematics more.

We love to make our students work hard and love to work hard with them. Unlike other institutes, we don't believe in giving students a question bank to solve and then leave them on their own. Instead, we solve thousands of questions with our students, discuss them in class and in person, argue over them and dissect the logic behind them. When we say that CAT is practice oriented, WE MEAN IT.

“Let’s begin with shortcuts that only someone already very good at maths will be able to apply but I will teach you nonetheless because it will look cool.”  

- The Modern Maths Faculty


Introducing PL-30: The Most Personalised Preparation Program in the CAT Coaching Industry

11 crazy months

January - November

500+ classes

300+ Concept Classes
200+ Doubt/Practice Sessions

5000+ questions

Yes, we will solve them together.

All of them.

countless discussions 


A Course Designed With Only One Purpose - Helping Students


Other Institutes

Provide 1500-2500 Questions (50% CAT level, 50% basic) to students and leave the students alone to solve them without any support


Not only push the students to solve thousands of questions but also solve with them

Other Institutes

Provide video solutions to questions


Discuss each question in classroom sessions with students

Other Institutes

Conduct special doubt classes once in 2 weeks, in which luck decides whose doubt gets picked and whose does not.


There are doubt discussions almost every single day. No Need to wait for a special topic wise doubt session.

Other Institutes

Conduct 50-60 theory classes and 5-10 practice classes


Conduct 500+ concept and practice classes

Other Institutes

Have no limit to the number of students they will teach. may deal with anywhere between 150 to 1000 students across all batches.


Have an upper cap of 30 students in a year


Providing mocks and question bank is not enough. We solve thousands of questions with students in live classes.


Videos are great for reference but bad for arguments and debates, which are what our classes are driven by


Engineers, Arts, Commerce, Law - how can students from all backgrounds have the same preparation path?


In a student - teacher relationship, the right connection matters a lot. Attend classes first, pay later 


Maybe for 99%ilers but not for the rest. Fundamentals matter in Verbal, LRDI and QA.


Learning does. For you and us both. Since our goal is same, we will achieve it.

No False Promises, No Marketing Gimmicks

Know Everything You Want to Know Openly

Is 30 the strength of one batch or the whole institute?

Both. Perennial Learner will have only one batch of 30 students this year, so it is both our batch strength and our institute strength. 

I am a non-engineer, should I join?

Of course, you should. This course will be more suitable for non-engineers actually because students from non-maths backgrounds usually require closer attention, slower pace of class and separate learning plans. Limited strength will help us achieve all three of those things.

Does that mean this course is not for Engineers?

We won't lie. Engineers do have many many more options for them out there, and we do accept that some of them might be better than us depending on the student's level and target. That doesn't mean that PL is not good for engineers. We love to teach them just as much as we do non-engineers. It's just that certain students, specially those from IITs and NITs, might find the pace of the class a little slow because we spend a lot of time on mastering fundamentals. However, if you are an engineer who is not already a pro in quants or somebody who is scared of verbal, PL can be the right place for you.

I have some financial challenges, can you do something to help me?

Sure. Even though we have kept the fees at the lower side of spectrum intentionally (most institutes charge upwards of 35K and teach 400+ students in a year), we understand that there are some students who might find even this fees a little unaffordable. If you are one of them, talk to us. We usually require an EWS certificate as a proof of your claim (we have been fooled once or twice in the past by students falsely claiming financial struggles) but we will do whatever we can. 

I am ready and up for the challenge. How can I join?

That's fairly easy. Just click the Fees button on the top menu or fill the form next to this section and click on 'enquire' to send us your query. You can not automatically enrol like at other institutes because enrolment at PL depends on seat availability. If we have got 30 students already, we would have to apologise and politely decline your query.

What is the criteria for you to take students?

There is no such criteria. Admissions are strictly on a first cum first serve basis. Having said that, once in a while we come across a student who we think might not be benefited by our teaching methodology (read the answer to Q3, for example) in which case, we say no and politely guide the student to some other institute.

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Thanks for contacting, you will hear from soon.


Who We Are


Rohit Arora, Founder

Rohit is a CAT 99 percentiler, a logophile, a passionate teacher, mentor, friend, and anything his students need him to be. He did his MBA from TAPMI in 2011 and worked for 6+ years in the corporate world as a Project Manager & Consultant before he decided to quit his job to become a teacher. He's been an instructor since and has taught at IMS and Unacademy. He firmly believes that the best way to master verbal and quants is to argue over each option and discuss every question thoroughly, which large classrooms fail to facilitate.