Introducing Gladiator - The Score Enhancer batch

2 crazy months

September 14th - November 20th

90+ classes

Evening classes (6 days in a week)

2000+ questions

Yes, we will solve them together.

All of them.

countless discussions 


A Course Designed For Only One Purpose - Helping Students


Other Institutes

Provide 1500-2500 Questions (50% CAT level, 50% basic) to students and leave the students alone to solve them without any support


Not only push the students to solve 2000+ questions but also solve with them

(All 100% CAT level questions)

We believe providing a question bank and then leaving students alone doesn't serve any purpose. The real learning happens through question discussion which the institutes don't promote. If students had the requisite level to solve 1500 questions without any support, why would they even need coaching?

Other Institutes

Provide video solutions to questions


Discuss each question in classroom sessions with students

How are video solutions any different from a text book? Aren't both performing the same job? We don't feel video solutions add any value to the students' learning because if the explanation is not clear (which is often the case), the student has nobody to clarify it with. In verbal, for example, if you are not convinced by the answer, you can't argue with a video, can you? 

Other Institutes

Conduct special doubt classes once in 2 weeks in which luck decides whose doubt gets picked and whose does not.


Every class is like a doubt class and since we discuss every single question solved by every student in classroom, nobody's doubt is left out.

Ask anyone who has cracked CAT and they will tell you practice and question discussion is all that matters. Even the institutes do. And yet, the least focused thing in most institutes is doubt clarification. Because it requires time. We have built our entire pedagogy around doubt clarification.

Other Institutes

Conduct 50-60 theory classes and 5-10 practice classes


Conduct 90+ practice classes and 0 theory classes

CAT is not a theory dependent test. It has been said enough number of times by enough number of people before us. There is no theory to teach in Verbal and LRDI; institutes create it, so students may feel they are getting something of value. Maths is the only subject that has a vast base of theory but even Maths can not be learnt via a theory oriented approach.

Other Institutes

Have no limit to the number of students they will teach. They may deal with anywhere between 150 to 1000 students across all batches.


Have an upper cap of 60 students 

How many students can one teacher actually handle effectively? We believe in teaching few but teaching them well. Most institutes follow a herd approach - they admit a large number of students and probability dictates that someone is bound to give them results. We believe in taking credit only when we have played some role in the student's success.

Other Institutes

Charge between 15,000 to 50,000


Our fee is 7,999 for the whole program or 4,999 if you join for 1 subject only

A typical online CAT coaching institute will have a fee of around 17-18K for its classroom program while fee for an offline institute's classroom program can be up to 60K as well depending on its location. We are intentionally keeping our fee low because we don't want students who have extra money to spare. We want only those students who are serious towards their preparations. 


No False Promises, No Marketing Gimmicks

Know Everything You Want to Know Openly

Is this a Crash Course?

No. We don't believe in crash courses and have never seen one that actually helps. Gladiator is the exact opposite of a Crash Course. A crash course typically consists of 40-60 classes in which all the theory relevant or irrelevant to the test is taught at a rapid pace and then the student is left on his own to practice and struggle. 

Here in this course, we will not teach any theory. There will be a lot of classes but every class will be like a practice/doubt class, and we will be solving/discussing 2000+ questions with students. 

What will be the class timings?

Classes will be conducted 6 days a week. The following will be the schedule - 

Mon: 8 PM - 9:30 PM (VARC), 10 PM - 11:30 PM (QA)

Tue: 8 PM - 9:30 PM (LRDI), 10 PM - 11:30 PM (QA)

Wed: 8 PM - 9:30 PM (VARC), 10 PM - 11:30 PM (QA)

Thursday: Off

Friday: 8 PM - 9:30 PM (LRDI), 10 PM - 11:30 PM (QA

Sat: 6 PM - 8:30 PM (VARC) 9 PM - 11:30 PM (QA)

Sun: 6 PM - 8:30 PM (VARC) 9 PM - 11:30 PM (LRDI)

How can we realistically solve 2000+ questions in just 2 months?

If you think 2000 are too many, you haven't really met the best of your competition yet. 2000 is what we will solve in classroom; outside it, there will be many more. Quite a few students do it on their own every year. Many many more others don't because they lack the push or the confidence to do it. A majority of students don't solve so many questions because halfway through their journey they realise they have 100s of questions that they couldn't solve and they still don't understand their solution. They don't have anyone to discuss them with. 

In this batch, you will have us. We will solve 1000+ quants questions, 75+ LRDI sets, 100+ RC passages and 400+ VA questions together, all in two rigorous months.

Who can join?

Not everybody, that's for sure. There are two requirements for you to join this batch:

1. You should already be done with your theory. To be honest, there's no theory in Verbal and LRDI; they are purely practice driven subjects. Quants is the only subject that has a vast theoretical landscape to cover. So, as long as you have covered enough ground, you are good to go. If you haven't even covered basics, please don't join as you might struggle understanding things and keeping with the pace of the classes. 

2. You must have the willingness to push yourself. Believe us - WE WILL PUSH YOU. It's not easy to solve 2-3K questions in 2 months. It is just as difficult as it sounds. So, you will be required to stretch your limits. We will be there to guide you, help you and motivate you, but the final push, the final step of keeping aside everything else to sit down and solve a question has to be taken by you. If you think you are not cut out for the challenge, don't waste your money. 

Even if you meet the above mentioned criteria, you may not be able to join the batch if all the seats are filled before you apply as we have limited seats. (This is not a marketing gimmick; we take only 60 students). 

I am ready and up for the challenge. How can I join?

That's fairly easy. Just fill the form on the right hand side and we will contact you. Do provide your phone number in the form. The program fees is 7999/- for two months (all three subjects combined). If you want to join only for one subject, you may do so for 4999/-. 

Alternatively, you can drop us a mail at or reach out to us via our Facebook page and drop us a message expressing your interest to join the program. 

This sounds a little too perfect - what's the catch?

We have heard it once or twice - intense practice, low batch size, so much focus on doubts and a low fee; what's the catch?

There is no catch. The course is perfectly in line with our teaching philosophy. The low fee, however, is because of multiple reasons. First of all, we understand that by this time a lot of students have already invested a lot in their preparation, so it would be wrong to charge too much right now, but the fee will increase for sure next year as we make the announcement early enough. Second, we are passionate teachers and don't want to make the course so costly that it becomes beyond the reach of all sincere students. Third, we believe in earning but responsibly.

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If Practice is the best way to prepare for CAT, why prepare any other way?


Who We Are


Rohit Arora

Rohit is a CAT 99 percentiler, a logophile, a passionate teacher, mentor, friend, and anything his students need him to be. He did his MBA from TAPMI in 2011 and worked for 6+ years in the corporate world as a Project Manager & Consultant before he decided to quit his job to become a teacher. He's been a verbal instructor since and has taught at IMS and Unacademy. He firmly believes that the best way to improve verbal is to argue over each option and discuss every question thoroughly. 


Sensei Kunal Dubey

Kunal is a serial CAT 99 percentiler and a Maths wizard. He cracked IIM K successfully but didn't join the school since he realised his love of Maths was bigger than his desire for a business degree. He has taught at many CAT coaching institutes like IMS and MBAGuru since. He is an avid reader, a crazy gamer, an anime lover and many other things. But above all, he is a passionate teacher who likes to see his students developing an interest in Maths